“Together, To the Future”

Today, Dundarlar Machinery Company;

Positioned as guide company in the region in metal processing industry, owing to: manufacturing know-how, innovative perspective and solution oriented approaches.

Company offers the most efficient solutions for with its own brand and also collaborator companies.


Innovative perspective and the vision dedicated for improvement; led Dundarlar Company to grow continuously for over quarter century. Since establishment, company brought numerous innovations to related sectors. Company create awareness in any manufacturing scope with advanced mechanization systems and R&D teams’ innovative vision.


All internal processes are executed with combining advanced mechanization resources and innovative corporate vision (according to lean manufacturing principles). These approaches guarantee to offer the best custom made solutions with minimum error and with he most efficient way. All the productions which proccessed in the facility reflects company reputation.


The only reason for Dundarlar Company to be an integrated company is ‘human’. All company people are fronted in one specific direction; all together as one part. In Human Resources side, company continuously apply; carrier and performance improvement trainings, strategic case studies and work place improvements. In this manner, organization provide more effective benefits for company and its shareholders.


50.000m2 manufacturing space in 2 different locations


High capacity with advanced


Certificated manufacturing quality above international standards