Our manufacturing know-how and capabilities led us to grow together with our shareholders for over a quarter-century. Since establishment, our manufacturing team and R&D teams commit their selves to pursue the latest tech mechanization techniques and provide the most precise service and products.

In this context, our corporation have been working with leader companies in their specific sector for decades. While pursuing mutual benefits basis in the long term, our collaborators and our company have firmly attached each other.

Attachment and mutual trust approach have allowed both sides to comprehend each other’s priorities clearly and support procuring the best custom-made solution. Therefore, these approaches assure; achieving completely satisfying outcomes in the long term and building corporate relationships.

Dundarlar manufacturing facility has capabilities from processing raw metal material to offering painted end product. All processes are executed internally.

  • The annual capacity of Dundarlar is 6000 tone metal sheet and 2200 tone metal bar.
  • Dundarlar company is located in 2 different locations with total production area of 50.000m²

Some of Dundarlar facilities physical resources for executing the processes:



5 CNC Laser Cutting
1 CNC Plasma Cutting
1 Laser Profile Cutting



9 CNC Turning Lathe
1 CNC Boring&Milling Lathe
2 CNC Horizontal Machining Center
3 Universal Lathes
2 CNC Vertical Machining Center
1 CNC Loading Robot
1 CNC Loading Robot
1 Broaching Machine


5 CNC Press Brake
1 Hydraulic Press
2 Eccenntric Press
2 Tube Bending
1 CNC Loading Robot


18 Industrial Welding Robots
~55 Welding Machines (Synergic)
~80 Welding Machines (Normal)


Sandblasting Cabinet
Electrostatic Powder Painting Line
Horizontal Balancing  Machine
Drilling&Tapping Machines
Saw Machines
Deburring Machines
3D Measurement Machine
Materials Laboratory

Manufacturing process involves: CNC cutting, CNC drilling, CNC sheet metal and tube bending, CNC welding, CNC press, electrostatic powder painting, assembling and some other advanced tech processes.

The company have collaborators from different sectors in metal processing industry. Some examples are: agricultural equipment brands, construction machinery brands, electrical vehicle brands.

Quality standards are assessed and documented by official institutions, company’s internal quality control department and our collaborative companies’ feedbacks.

Dundarlar Machinery adopts lean manufacturing principles for all manufacturing processes. Whether its manufacturing, planning or R&D department, we commit ourselves to obtain the most efficient outcomes.

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